Established Grassland

sheep grazing

Weed control

Controlling weeds in pastures is important because they:

  • Compete with grass for space, light, nutrients and water
  • Are unpalatable to stock
  • Can be poisonous e.g. ragwort or buttercup
  • Take over the pasture and left unchecked limit ability to graze
  • Can spread to neighbouring properties
  • Make pastures look messy, untidy and unkempt. 


Herbicide control options

A grassland herbicide will not cure the underlying problems but will help renovate the pasture to a more productive level for a period of time.

Knapsack control works out more cost-effective if weed populations are below 5% (count number of docks and/or thistles in a 5m x 7m area – this number gives the % weed population).

Choose a product that will deliver a:

  • High level of safety so grass growth is unaffected
  • Grazing interval that is short so animals can return back to paddocks quickly

High level of grass safety so grass growth is unaffected


Products for use in established grassland