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Grassland app

The all-in-one tool for treatment of grassland with Corteva Agriscience products.

Calculate the true cost of docks & thistles, find the best product to control the weeds on your grassland and access important information on Corteva Agriscience products.

The Corteva Grassland App makes identification of weeds easy. Select the three most prominent weeds on your land to find out which Corteva Agriscience product would best help you increase your yields.

Use the Cost Calculator to find out how much you could gain from treatment of your land.

Use the find a spray contractor feature, to find contact details of a local spray contractor.

Agronomists can use the ForefrontT Stewardship feature to electronically send application recommendations.

Download the Grassland App:

Available for free on:



If you don’t have access to a mobile device, the Grassland App is also available via the web here.

Trezac app

Agronomists can send Trezac application recommendations electronically.

Simply add your client, enter 'add area' and press send. Stewardships are emailed to your client for their confirmation.

Available for free on: