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Biologicals are natural agricultural solutions, derived from living organisms or natural substances, that enhance plant growth and health. All biological products within our expanding biological portfolio are subject to rigorous scientific characterisation and development, culminating in trials conducted on actual working farms.

Our biological product portfolio

Biological products from Corteva consist of materials that already exist in nature. Some of our products are living organisms, such as the beneficial bacteria of BlueN. Others, like Kinsidro Grow+, are derived from natural materials. Our biological products complement existing farmer products and practices with their specific, targeted activities. The outcome of applying Corteva biologicals is a healthier crop able to better withstand biotic and abiotic stresses, resulting in higher marketable yields. Explore our expanding range of Corteva biologicals below.




BlueN is a nutrient efficiency biostimulant for use in a wide range of crops. BlueN contains Methylobacterium symbioticum, a bacteria found in nature that fixes atmospheric nitrogen into ammonium within the plant, providing the plant with a constant, usable supply of nitrogen. 


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Kinsidro® Grow+

Kinsidro® Grow+

Kinsidro Grow+ is a low-rate, high-quality humic-based substance containing a large amount of the desired fulvic acid component. Banded with essential macronutrients and micronutrients, Kinsidro Grow+ has shown positive effects on various plant physiological processes, including stimulation of hormonal pathways, photosynthetic activity, activation of some enzymatic nutrition processes, and chelating properties.

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Upcoming biological products

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Why choose biologicals from Corteva?

Corteva, an expert in microbiological technologies with a global reach, is cementing itself as a global leader in the rapidly expanding biologicals market. Our innovative biological products have been thoroughly researched and developed with farmers and their future in mind. Our trials have been performed on R&D stations throughout the world and on real working farms. Those farmers that choose biological products from Corteva can feel confident that our products will help drive performance, quality and return on investment on their farms.



Trial results

BlueN potato trial results

BlueN potato trial results

Our potato trials show that BlueN increases overall potato quantity and size by impacting haulm growth and development. For potatoes, the best strategy can be seen when BlueN is used as an on top strategy of the existing fertiliser programme.

Corteva biologicals learning hub

From trial results to application advice, explore our tools and resources to help you make an informed decision when switching to Corteva biologicals.


What are the main types of biologicals for agriculture?



A biostimulant contains substances and/or micro-organisms whose function is to stimulate natural processes in the plant, thereby enhancing nutrient uptake, nutrient efficiency, environmental stress tolerance, or crop quality. Our biostimulant range currently includes BlueN and Kinsidro Grow+



Biocontrol products are products that use natural enemies of pests, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, nematodes, or insects, to suppress or kill them. They can help manage resistance and improve crop protection. 



Pheromones are products that contain natural substances that affect the behaviour or physiology of specific insects or animals. They can help control target pests by delivering more tailored and flexible application methods.

Latest news and resources

To assist advisors and farmers in choosing which biological products to use on their farms, we have created a range of resources below to help make informed decisions when transitioning to Corteva biologicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What role do biologicals play in crop production?

Biologicals are living organisms or natural substances that are either naturally derived or nature identical (if synthetically produced). This umbrella term encompasses biostimulants, biocontrol agents, and pheromones (semiochemicals). The primary goal of biologicals is to enhance crop health. Biostimulants work by augmenting the plant's natural processes to mitigate stress, improve nutrition, and enhance resilience. Biocontrol agents have proven efficacy on weeds or diseases. Utilising biologicals for agriculture can enhance crop production and quality while minimising environmental impacts.

What is a biostimulant?

A biostimulant contains substances and/or micro-organisms whose function is to stimulate natural processes in the plant, thereby enhancing nutrient uptake, nutrient efficiency, environmental stress tolerance, or crop quality. Our products BlueN and Kinsidro Grow+ are biostimulants.

Do biologicals replace other crop protection solutions?

Rather than replacing other crop protection solutions, biologicals make great partners with existing practices to complement products you already use. 

How do biologicals fit in with regenerative agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture, often referred to as regen ag, is a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food and farming systems, with an emphasis on minimal soil disturbance and optimising carbon sequestration. Biologicals are complementary of regen ag principles. Another important characteristic of regen ag is its focus on greenhouse gas emissions, water management, and biodiversity, all of which can be enhanced with the use of biologicals. 

How is Corteva Agriscience bringing biological products to market?

We’re bringing new biological products to the UK market through collaboration with innovative partners. We have identified opportunities in biostimulants, biocontrol and pheromone products that complement our crop protection and seed portfolio. Corteva are committed to testing all new products thoroughly for proven and predictable performance.