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Corteva Agriscience
CPC2 Capital Park
CB21 5XE

Telephone: 01462 457272

Technical Hotline: 0800 689 8899, e-mail:

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Technical Enquiries

If you have any technical enquiries concerning Corteva Agriscience products, including details of local suppliers, please contact our Technical Hotline on
0800 689 8899 or

Emergency Procedure 

In the case of an  emergency involving a heritage Dow AgroSciences product, please call our 24 hour Emergency Telephone Number: 01553 761251

In the case of an  emergency involving a heritage DuPont Crop Protection product, please call: CHEMTREC 0870 8200 418

For cases of human poisoning, the following  NATIONAL POISONS INFORMATION SERVICE CENTRE  is able to provide information to medical personnel: 
U.K. National Poisons Information Service Tel: 111