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Helping you to maximise your sugar beet yield.

Our expanding range of solutions includes Shield Pro™ herbicide, Instinct® nitrogen stabiliser and biostimulants BlueN™, Lattice® and Kinsidro® Grow+.

How our solutions can fit into your programme


Shield Pro™ herbicide

Shield Pro is the tried and trusted herbicide for control of yield-robbing weeds in sugar beet.

Contains: 400g/l Clopyralid
Application timing: BBCH 10 - 39
Key benefits:

  • The leading solution for thistles and volunteer potatoes that also boosts the activity of your tank mixture, giving wider control of other broad-leaved weeds in sugar beet, including mayweeds, fools parsley and fat hen.
  • Excellent crop selectivity and compatibility.
  • Easy to use and convenient 2l bottle with self-seal cap technology, simplifying waste disposal and improving fill up operations.

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BlueN™ nutrient efficiency biostimulant

BlueN provides a crop with a unique way to capture nitrogen throughout the season, helping plants reach their yield potential.

Contains: Methylobacterium symbioticum.
Recommended rate: 333 g/ha
Application timing: BBCH 16 - 35
Application method: Foliar with sprayer, for possible tank mixes contact Corteva representative
Rainfast: 1 hour
Key benefits: 

  • BlueN enhances plant growth and resilience by producing a constant flow of nitrogen directly inside the plant, to the plant. This process occurs throughout the growing season.
  • BlueN is simple to store and apply. BlueN has a shelf life of two years.
  • BlueN meets changing market expectations by providing a supplementary and sustainable source of nitrogen, without the risk of leaching or releasing additional greenhouse gases. BlueN reduces the dependency of nitrogen fertiliser uptake from the soil and ensures the plant has access to nitrogen all season long.  
  • Watch our video to learn more

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Instinct® nitrogen stabiliser

Instinct improves crop performance and sustainability through better nitrogen management.

Contains: 300g/l Nitrapyrin
Recommended rate: 1.7l/ha
Application timing: Applied in spring. Flexible - pre and post planting, best applied as close to main fertiliser application. For optimum performance 12mm of rain or irrigation is required within 10 days of application.
Key benefits:

  • At least 8 more weeks of nitrogen availibility in the soil
  • 50% less greenhouse gas emissions
  • 45% less nitrogen leaching
  • 28% greater nitrogen in soil retention
  • Optimised nitrogen use

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Kinsidro Grow+ plant growth biostimulant

Kinsidro Grow+ is a foliar biostimulant for use in a wide range of crops including sugar beet.

Contains: Fulvic acids (62%), humic acid, potassium oxide (13.6%), sulphur trioxide (12.5%) boron (0.04%) cobalt (0.05%) copper (0.08%) manganese (0.08%) molybdenum (0.008%) zinc (0.05%).
Recommended rate: 150g/ha
Application timing: With first or second herbicide application
Application method: Foliar with sprayer, for possible tank mixes contract Corteva representative
Rainfast: 3 hours
Key benefits:

  • Reduces risk of herbicide damage to the crop.
  • Production of antioxidants reduces the risk of oxidative stress caused by herbicides and environmental conditions.
  • Influences cell division and growth so stimulating healthy crop root and leaf growth.
  • Improved plant health by stimulating its metabolic activity, energy economy and stress durability.  

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Lattice® nutrient efficency biostimulant

Lattice is a biostimulant that improves soil structure and acidification around rhizosphere and microbial activity around the roots, solubilising phosphorus and making it available to the plant whilst stimulating the production of nitric oxide and indoleacetic acid.

Contains: Lactobacillus farciminis and Lactobacillus rhamnosus
Recommended rate: 1 kg/ha
Application timing: Immediately before or after planting, followed by 7 days after planting, when soils are moist and soil temperatures are between 5-25°c
Application method: Foliar with sprayer, for possible tank mixes contact Corteva representative
Key benefits:

  • Enhances soil health and microbial activity.
  • Improves acidification of rhizosphere.
  • Stimulates and promotes root system growth.
  • Improves availability and uptake of macro and micro nutrients through the root system.
  • Improves crop development including increasing biomass and crop vigour.
  • Increases yield and quality parameters.
  • Enhances plant growth and resilience. 

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