Agronomy •  01/01/2021

Univoq™ is proven to deliver robust disease control and higher yields

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Univoq’s key strength is the delivery of a powerful combination of curative and persistent protection against septoria and other diseases, including rusts.

Powered by Corteva’s novel Inatreq™ active molecule, Univoq has a unique site of action meaning no cross resistance to any chemistry used on farms today. Prothioconazole in the co-formulation ensures farmers can achieve broad-spectrum disease control in wheat, durum wheat, rye, triticale and spelt wheat.

The result is outstanding performance in the field. Disease is controlled, leaves stay greener, and crop yields increase.

In both AHDB and manufacturer trials, Univoq has demonstrated a superior yield return in comparison to Revystar® XE for the past two years; a benefit worth £60/hectare to growers, assuming a wheat price of £250/tonne. Read more here.

Corteva cereal fungicides containing Inatreq™ active registered for use in the UK:

Univoq™ | Peqtiga™ | Questar™ Peacoq™  | Aquino™  | Apaveq™ | Inconiq™

Take a look at our Univoq™ fungicide trials below.


For 2023, Corteva’s best practice application advice will enable growers to benefit from the unique and outstanding performance of products containing Inatreq with confidence.  

USE PLANT PROTECTION PRODUCTS SAFELY. Always read the label and product information before use. For further information including warning phrases and symbols refer to label.

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Inatreq™ active contains fenpicoxamid.