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Univoq™’s key strength is the delivery of a powerful combination of curative and persistent protection against septoria and other diseases, including rusts.

Powered by Corteva’s novel Inatreq™ active molecule, Univoq has a unique site of action meaning no cross resistance to any chemistry used on farms today. Prothioconazole in the co-formulation ensures farmers can achieve broad-spectrum disease control in wheat, durum wheat, rye, triticale and spelt wheat.

The result is outstanding performance in the field. Disease is controlled, leaves stay greener, and crop yields increase.

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About Univoq

Best Use Advice

  • Ideally apply at T2 to see maximum yield benefits as a result of persistent Septoria control, but Univoq could alternatively be applied at T1 where the key differential benefit is continued protection where T2 sprays get delayed.
  • Univoq will give the best results before the disease has become established in the crop, but offers outstanding control of Septoria, yellow rust, brown rust,  powdery mildew, tan spot and leaf scald.
  • Univoq offers both persistent protection and curative control of Septoria which keeps leaves greener for longer thus enhancing yield.
  • Univoq is rainfast in 1 hour.
  • Univoq requires the use of 3* drift reduction technology. The use of this technology does not negatively affect the performance of Univoq.
  • Before applying Univoq we recommend visiting our Inatreq Sprayer Advice webpage for our best practice application advice and sprayer parts guidance. Click here for further information.

Resistance Management

Only one application of a picolinamide containing product can be made to a crop. As a result, Univoq is, by default, going to be used in alternation with products containing different modes of action in a typical UK spray programme. Please observe the specific disease instructions and recommended rates of use for these products.



Durum wheat




Technical Specifications

Product Registration Number:
MAPP 19930

Active Ingredients
50g/L Fenpicoxamid (Inatreq active) (FRAC Code 21) 
100g/L Prothioconazole (FRAC Code 3) 

Pack Size:
5 litres

Emulsifiable Concentrate (iQ-4 formulation)

Maximum Single Dose Rate:
2.0 L/ha

Maximum Total Dose:
2.0 L/ha

Maximum Number of Applications:
1 per crop per season

Application Timing:
Beginning of stem elongation (GS 30)- end of flowering (GS 69)

1 hour 

Water Volumes:
100-300 L/ha

Aquatic Buffer Zone:
Boom sprayer must be fitted with three star drift reduction technology for 30m from the top of any surface water bodies. If the ditch contains water an unsprayed buffer zone of 12m must be observed, if dry this is reduced to 1m.

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