Technical Updates


Topic Sheets

Seasonal topic sheets which share current advice on how to manage specific problems in your crops. 

Label changes for clopyralid containing products used on grassland

Labels will begin to change during 2022 and certainly from 1st January 2023. This update is happening to mitigate against the risk of herbicide residues ending up in manures & composts where they might be used on sensitive plants.

Please review the key areas of risk mitigation here, and follow them in 2022.

Download the 2022 GAMA Guide

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Propyzamide stewardship

Renowned herbicides such as AstroKerb® and Kerb® Flo 500 contain propyzamide and are the cornerstones of many herbicide programmes. They are key to controlling grassweeds in OSR. 

Consider stewardship principles when planting oilseed rape. Read our topic sheet here.




Blackgrass control in oilseed rape

Managing herbicide resistance in broad-leaved weeds

Autumn weed control in grassland

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Application advice for grassland herbicides

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