Oilseed rape: from Hybrid to Harvest

Oilseed rape is an integral part of the UK arable rotation, but it’s not without its risks and challenges. Corteva is committed to supporting farmers and agronomists to grow oilseed rape successfully.

This online hub will support you through the season. Bookmark this page and visit regularly for updates.

Corteva's oilseed rape business update - July 2024

Our July OSR update will provide you with some of the key seasonal information. Click here to view the full update.


July focus: variety choices and seed treatments

With the oilseed rape drilling starting this month, we have outlined the role seed treatments can play in getting the crop off to the best possible start. If you want to get your crop to harvest, then you need to do anything you can that will give your crop the best start possible. You can do that by sowing seed treated with an insecticide and fungicide, and Pioneer provides that with its oilseed rape varieties. Read the full article here. 

Let's talk about OSR!

We’ve been speaking to farmers and specialists about the benefits they see to growing oilseed rape, the top things essential to growing the crop successfully and considerations for autumn, including anything new they will be trying.

Many thanks to Will Baker, Matt Fuller, David Marsland, Andrew Bowley and Corteva’s Andy Stainthorpe for providing these great insights. 

Maximise your oilseed rape crop potential

£200 cashback to support your OSR crop

We will be offering £200 cashback to anyone that purchases Protector®  Sclerotinia PT303 hybrid and Belkar® herbicide for the 2024/25 growing season.

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The ever-present threat of sclerotinia

Sclerotinia losses can be as high as 60%, but better forecasting, well-timed spray programmes and, most recently, genetic advances in varieties all help prevent such circumstances becoming common.

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Oilseed rape landscape

Which hybrid should you choose?

View our full range of OSR hybrids, including our Protector® Sclerotinia products.

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Oilseed rape OSR at Korvetto timing 1 March 2022

OSR herbicides in a programme

Corteva’s portfolio of oilseed rape herbicides offer flexible, reliable control across a wide spectrum of weeds and timings. They can fit into the programme based on the season and target weeds. Take a look at our topic sheet to find out more.

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Belkar 2022

Post-emergence herbicide for OSR

Belkar® is a post-emergence autumn applied herbicide for use on winter oilseed rape. It is highly effective for key weeds such as cleavers, cranesbill, fumitory, poppies and shepherd’s purse.

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Oilseed Rape

Capture nitrogen throughout the season

BlueN is classed as a foliar applied biostimulant, composed of an exclusive strain of naturally occurring endophytic bacteria, Methylobacterium symbioticumM. symbioticum uses methanol given off by the plant during metabolic processes as an energy source to fix atmospheric nitrogen and convert it to ammonium inside the plant. Ammonium is used to make essential amino acids essential for plant growth.

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Oilseed rape product highlights

We're committed to developing new chemistry and solutions for oilseed rape growers. View our product highlights to find out more.