Oilseed Rape

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Oilseed Rape

At Corteva Agriscience, we have a selection of Pioneer® WOSR hybrids that have been extensively trialled across a variety of sites in the UK.

Oilseed Rape Hybrids

In the UK, Pioneer offers a range of core oilseed rape products. 

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Hybrid Type
PT279CL Normal straw hybrid
PX131 Maximus semi dwarf hybrid
PT303 Protector® Sclerotinia
PT315 Pioneer hybrid
PT312 Protector® Sclerotinia

Oilseed Rape Resources

Test the Best application

Check whether applications are open for Corteva's winter oilseed rape Test the Best. 

Oilseed rape hub

Corteva's online oilseed rape hub to support you through the season. 

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