Zorvec™ active


As plants grow and develop, they are threatened by many factors, one of the most important of which is fungal disease, which can result in smaller, lower-quality harvests, and in some cases, no harvest at all.

Protecting crops from disease helps ensure success for farms and access to the fresh produce we all rely on. Zorvec active provides consistency and control that is unmatched by other fungicides, so farmers can better manage their crops to improve yield and quality.


Preventative protection


Zorvec active works against a specific category of fungi known as oomycetes. Oomycetes spread by producing zoospores that can swim across a thin layer of water on a leaf, looking for the perfect spot to settle and attach themselves. 

Zorvec prevents oomycete diseases by stopping sporangia and zoospores from germinating. When used strategically during specific growth stages, this active ingredient helps keep plants healthier and more productive.


Zorvec active - first in its class

Zorvec active is the first active ingredient of its kind — a member of a novel class of fungicides that control diseases caused by oomycetes, acting at a unique target site. It also works inside plants to protect new growth. As leaves emerge, Zorvec continues protecting the plant.

Key benefits

Unique site of activity


Contains new chemical group FRAC Group 49.

Outstanding efficacy


Offers robust control throughout a 7-day spray interval, even during rapid growth phase of crop.

Systemic activity


Systemic movement of Zorvec active enables uniform protection even for portions of leaves receiving partial spray coverage.

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Best practice application advice for 2024

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