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Nitrogen Stabilizer

Improve crop performance and sustainability through better nitrogen management. 


Nitrogen use efficiency is about getting the most from every kilo of applied nitrogen. It's well-known that significant amounts of nitrogen can escape from fields as nitrate into water courses, and the atmosphere as nitrous oxide. If nitrogen is not in the soil, crops can’t access it, which limits yield potential and is environmentally unsustainable.


Instinct, based upon Corteva’s unique Optinyte technology, keeps more nitrogen in the soil for longer, improving nitrogen use efficiency.


It can be applied with crop sprayers and with slurry, and can be used in conjunction with any form of fertiliser containing ammonium; such as slurry, digestate, sludge, urea, UAN and ammonium nitrate.


Instinct can be used on cereal crops, maize, and oilseed rape, with more crops being evaluated.


Instinct can be applied with crop sprayers and with slurry.


Instinct benefits:

    - Keeps 28% more nitrogen in the soil for longer

    - Can increase yields by 10%

    - Reduces leaching by 48%

    - Reduces nitrous oxide emission by approximately 50%


Corteva Nitrogen stabiliser products feature Optinyte™ technology and are sold under the N-Lock™ and Instinct® brands.


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Mode of action

How Optinyte technology works

Products containing Optinyte technology, such as Instinct and N-Lock, work by stabilising ammonium (NH4+) . They slow down the process that converts ammonium to nitrite. This process can be slowed down for 10-12 weeks.

This process keeps more ammonium in the soil for longer. What's more, ammonium is not vulnerable to leaching from soil with rainfall, nor will it be converted to nitrous oxide in waterlogged soils.

As more nitrogen is retained in the soil for longer, the yield potential of a crop is optimised, and environmental footprint reduced.

The tables below demonstrate how Instinct retains more nitrogen in the upper layers of soil over time., which becomes available to the developing crop. 




When to use Instinct

The best time to apply Instinct is as close to the main fertilisation as possible. Before fertilisation is preferable, but later is acceptable, provided there hasn’t been too much ammonium conversion.

Typically, applications will be made to cereals and oilseed rape  from late February through to early April. Applications to maize should be from mid-April onwards. 

Instinct is also available for use in the Autumn, typically from August through to early September. Read more about why to use Instinct in the Autumn.

Ammonium will be stabilised for about 10-12 weeks, depending upon soil temperatures. The cooler the soil, the longer the period of stabilisation. 

For optimum results apply Instinct as soon as possible so the ammonium is protected from environmental losses, and available to the crop.



How to use Instinct

Instinct can be applied a number of ways:

    - With a crop sprayer (alone or tank-mixed with other inputs)

    - With liquid fertiliser

    - With slurry

Incorporation into the seedbed is an ideal way to apply Instinct.

It is key to get Instinct into the soil. When not incorporating Instinct by mechanical means, 12mm of rain is needed within 10 days of the Instinct application.

About Instinct


  • Cereals
  • Maize
  • Oilseed Rape

Technical Specifications


Cereals, oilseed rape and maize

Application timing:

During March for winter cereals. Before, at, or after drilling in Maize

Recommended dose:

1.7 litre/ha

Water volumes: 

100 - 300 litres water/ha

Spray quality: 

MEDIUM as defined by BCPC


All conventional nozzles 

Maximum dose:

Do not apply more than a total of 3.4 L of Instinct per hectare per year, 125 days must elapse between applications

Active ingredient:

300 g/litre nitrapyrin

Pack size: 

10 Litres


CS Capsule Solution (Microencapsulation)

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