Press Release •  24/08/2022

Autumn nitrogen stabiliser for arable crops in stock

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Corteva Agriscience is reminding growers and agronomists that its innovative nitrogen stabiliser product Instinct® is available to cereal and oilseed rape growers across the UK and Ireland this autumn.

New trials data from Corteva Agriscience show that arable crops can benefit from autumn applications of the innovative nitrogen stabiliser product Instinct, which keeps more nitrogen in the soil for longer.

In oilseed rape, yield responses of up to 7% were observed when Instinct was used with slurry in the autumn.

The product is in stock and available to cereal and oilseed rape growers across the UK and Ireland.

Category Manager Colin Bowers said: “Traditionally a spring product, Instinct will be an important product for UK and Irish arable farmers this autumn for several reasons.

“First and foremost, we want to keep nitrogen in the soil. There was some confusion this time last year if it was permissible to apply nitrogen to arable crops at all, in order to reduce the environmental footprint of escaped nitrogen.

“This has been clarified and autumn applications of nitrogen are permitted when applied according to the individual needs of a crop. However, with nitrogen being vulnerable to environmental escape during the autumn because of warmer soils and faster conversion of ammonium to nitrate, limited root networks and more rainfall, farmers have a vested interest in making sure that what nitrogen is applied is available to the crop to support establishment and successful overwintering.

“A crop reaching its yield potential is underpinned by successful establishment. In cereals and oilseed rape, we have seen evidence of improved autumn establishment from using Instinct in the autumn, especially when used in conjunction with slurry and digestate. Our internal development trials showed yield responses of up to 7% and improve spring vigour in oilseed rape when Instinct is used with slurry in the autumn”.

Instinct can reduce leaching by around 50% and reduce denitrification through greenhouse gases by 45%. This means nitrogen is kept in the soil for longer.

Containing Optinyte, the active ingredient used in Corteva’s earlier N-Lock and N-Lock Max products, Instinct will arrive on farms as a 300g formulation.

The product should be applied at a rate of 1.7L/ha, as close to the application of the source of nitrogen as possible – ideally within a couple of days either side, if not applied with the slurry or digestate.

Instinct can be applied to a seed bed and incorporated or simply sprayed on as a surface application.

“When applied to the soil surface, the ideal situation is for there to be at least 12 mm of rain during the 10 days following application in order for the product to be washed into the soil,” Colin added.


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