Case Study •  02/04/2024

A Herefordshire farmer is looking forward to using Univoq for the third year running

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Alex Sherwood grows up to 300 acres of wheat every year and applied Univoq on his agronomist’s advice.

“It performed very well,” Alex says. “I didn’t notice any disease when we applied it, so it was used more as a precaution than anything else.

“It kept the flag leaf greener for longer and I didn’t see any evidence of Septoria.”

Alex, who farms wheat, oilseed rape and potatoes, drilled early in September.

“We aim to plant what we can before we lift the potatoes, and then we do the rest after that,” he explains.

Univoq was applied as a T2 application at a range of rates depending on the visible pressure and the variety. Most of the product went on at 1.2l/ha. 

“I would definitely use it again and would recommend it to other farmers,” Alex says. “I would also stick to the same rates and timings.”

Alex believes that Univoq may have played a part in boosting yields too, particularly the first year he used it.

“It did very well the first year and we think Univoq may have had an impact on yields too, although it’s difficult to tell for certain as we also changed wheat varieties from Graham to KWS Dawsum this year,” Alex adds.

Alex is also keen to emphasise that using Univoq had no adverse effect on his equipment.

T2 fungicide spray
T2 fungicide spray