BlueN Application Optimiser


BlueN™ Application Optimiser

The BlueN™ Application Optimiser tool is to be used as a guide to local weather conditions to aid growers and advisors in making local tactical decisions to optimise their applications of BlueN.

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How does the BlueN™ Application Optimiser tool work?

BlueN is an endophytic bacteria, which penetrates the plant and transforms N2 from the air into NH4+ nitrogen form efficient for the plant. In order to maximise the nitrogen supply by the bacteria, good colonisation of the plant leaves is important. 

The BlueN Application Optimiser tool helps optimise bacteria colonisation by identifying best practice of use i.e. ideal weather conditions. The tool can be used for autumn sown cereals and OSR as well as spring sown potatoes, sugar beet, cereals and maize.


How to use the BlueN Application Optimiser tool? 

  • The tool is based on a traffic light system to help growers optimise their application timing of BlueN.

  • The tool takes into consideration weather data such as air humidity, leaching risk, temperature before and after application and stress (frost) before and after application.