Press Release •  13/04/2022

Corteva to showcase raft of new arable innovations at Cereals 2022

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Corteva Agriscience’s Cereals 2022 stand will be packed with its latest innovations available to arable farmers now, while also looking at the company’s pipeline of future crop protection and seed products.

Since it last attended the event, Corteva has launched a wide range of products for cereal and oilseed rape growers.

Last year a brand new cereal fungicide, Univoq, optimised with Corteva’s patented i-Q4 formulation, was approved for use by farmers in England, Scotland and Wales.

Oilseed rape growers were also presented with the first hybrid oilseed rape variety with in-built tolerance to the yield-sapping disease sclerotinia. PT303 has subsequently gone on to prove its quality by topping the AHDB’s Recommended List for gross yield output.

Further exciting innovations include the launch of Corteva’s biologicals portfolio, starting with Utrisha® N, which enables plants to fix nitrogen from the air. It offers farmers an alternative source of nitrogen which is available throughout the plant’s lifecycle and is for use in combinable crops.

Growers can expect to hear more about the upcoming nitrification inhibitor product Instinct, using Corteva’s Optinyte technology, which reduces environmental loss by slowing the nitrification process.

Crop plots are currently growing well and will provide a strong visual demonstration of the capabilities of Corteva’s crop protection and seed portfolio.

Front and centre will be plots treated with Univoq fungicide.

Containing Inatreq active – the first new molecule available in the UK for the control of septoria for more than 15 years – the ground-breaking technology allows the product to stick to and spread across the leaf’s surface, creating a protective shield and reservoir for the active to continually penetrate the leaf and offering robust control of diseases – including rusts – in cereals.

Available in limited volumes in 2021, this season is the first year many farmers will have the chance to put the product to the test, and Cereals 2022 plots will show the lasting protection delivered by a T2 fungicide spray.

Nearby, PT303 Protector Sclerotinia will be on show. The hybrid from Corteva’s Pioneer brand has consistently given top yields across multiple trial programmes and provides tolerance to a disease that is associated with the increasingly common high rainfall events experienced in the UK. PT303 also combines proven TuYV resistance and multigenic Phoma resistance for a best-in-class overall disease resistance rating.

UK & Ireland Marketing Manager Alex Nichols said: “We are really looking forward to being back at Cereals and putting the spotlight on these breakthrough technical innovations we have added to our pipeline.

“Many farmers will have already heard about or used Univoq during its launch year, but this will be the first time they have been able to come and talk to the team about how it has performed, both commercially and in trails, over many years.

“Similarly, with the AHDB’s independent Recommended List data recently showing how impressive our new Pioneer winter hybrid PT303 is, growers will be keen to see our plots for themselves and decide what place it could have in their rotations in future years.

“Conversations about fertiliser prices and the future of nitrogen strategies will also be poignant with the launch of Utrisha N in our new biologicals portfolio. We’ll be showcasing Instinct, which has the potential to reduce nitrogen losses from combinable crops as it has proven in maize over the past two seasons.

“British farming is facing some serious challenges around production, the environment and sustainability, and it’s our role as a leader in innovation to deliver new chemistry and seed varieties that offer greater returns and real value for farmers.”


It was great to be out at the Cereals Event site for the recent Spring Crop Plot Day.  Corteva’s Marketing Manager, Alex Nichols, gave the Comexposium team a preview of what visitors to the Corteva stand can expect over the 2 days. Watch the Compexposium video here

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