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Utrisha® N


Utrisha® N provides a unique way to enable plants to capture nitrogen throughout the season.

Utrisha N is a nutrient efficiency biostimulant comprising of the natural bacteria, Methylobacterium symbioticum, that fixes nitrogen from the air and converts it into ammonium from within the plant.

Utrisha N provides a sustainable, supplemental source of nitrogen throughout the season. As a result, Utrisha N is an excellent option when looking to reduce the dependency on soil for nitrogen uptake.

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Utrisha N is approved for restricted organic use


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About Utrisha N

Utrisha N catalyses the conversion of nitrogen to ammonium inside the plant, providing the plant with a constant supply of nitrogen throughout the season. 

Utrisha N is composed of an exclusive strain of naturally occurring endophytic bacteria, Methylobacterium symbioticum, that utilises methanol given off by the plant as an energy source to fix atmospheric nitrogen into ammonium using nitrogenase. The converted ammonium is then used by the plant to make essential amino acids essential for plant growth.


Because Utrisha N is a foliar applied biostimulant, the bacteria must gain access to the plant via the stomata. After colonisation, Utrisha N concentrates mainly in areas of growth in and around plant leaf cells. Utrisha N will take around one week to colonise a plant and will fix the equivalent to 3 kg/ha of applied nitrogen per week thereafter usually about 30 kg/ha per season (10-week crop). Therefore, once colonised, Utrisha N will provide a sustinable supplimental souce of nitrogen to the plant thoughout the season.



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For more info call our technical hotline: 0800 689 8899, or e-mail: ukhotline@corteva.com

Approved for restricted organic use

Approved for restricted organic use

BlueN is approved for restricted organic use certified by the Organic Farmers & Growers.


Enhanced plant growth and resilience


Utrisha N enhances plant growth and resilience by providing a constant flow of nitrogen directly inside the plant, to the plant. This process occurs thoughout the growing season. 

Easy to use

Easy to use

Utrisha N is simple to store and apply. Utrisha N has a shelf life of two years. Ideally, use Utrisha N on the day of opening. Read more on our application advice here.

Provides a sustinable source of nitrogen

Provides a sustinable source of nitrogen

Increasing nitrogen fertiliser does not always result in more nitrogen becoming avilable to the plant; nitrogen fertiliser is subject to loss and is not always avilable when your crop needs it.

Utrisha N meets changing market expectations by providing a supplementary and sustinable source of nitrogen, without the risk of leaching or releasing additional greenhouse gases. Utrisha N also reduces the dependency of a plant on nitrogen fertiliser uptake from the soil and ensures the plant has access to nitrogen all season long. 


Utrisha N is an effective solution for a range of crops. Utrisha N is intended for foliar application on authorised crops when at least 50% of the ground is covered by the crop. See the label for specific crops.



Utrisha N can be applied to a range of arable crops. To see the full list, download the label here


Horticultural crops

Utrisha N can be applied to a range of horticultural crops. To see the full list, download the label here

Technical Specifications



Utrisha® N


Rates 333 g/ha
Water Volumes 100 - 400 L/ha depending on crop type
Water Quality Use with water pH between 6 - 8
Pack Size 3 kg 
Number of Application One application per crop

Applying Utrisha N


How to get the best from Utrisha N

Utrisha N's bacterium, Methylobacterium symbioticum, feed primarly off methanol produced by the plant during active metabolism. And because actively growing plants unaffected by stress will produce more methanol than stressed plants, Utrisha N should be applied to actively growing plants with sufficient plant biomass and good soil coverage (50% groundcover). 


M. symbioticum enters via stomata on the plant's leaves. Therefore, best results are obtained when Utrisha N is applied to the foliar of a non-stressed crop when stomata are opened. Apply Utrisha N in the morning or late afternoon/evening when greater number of stomata are open.


Utrisha N colonisation can be slowed down if temperatures are too cool, or if too hot, the bacterium can die. The optimum day temperature for application is between 10°C - 30°C (ideally 15°C - 25°C). Try to avoid frosts one week before and three days after application. 


The shelf life of Utrisha N is two years unopened. It is reccomended to use Utrisha N on the day of opening because the bacteria become activated once in contact with moisture. The shelf life of an opened pack can be up to one month, however this is difficult to achieve. 


Apply Utrisha N at a rate of 333 g/ha. Rates below 333 g/ha do not deliver 3 x 107 CFU/g – the number required to produce a viable colonisation and expected biostimulation effects.


Only one single application per crop. 


Use water with a pH between 5 and 8.


For more information, read the Utrisha N label here.

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