Broad-leaved weeds

Broadleaved Weeds

Broad-leaved weeds and grassweeds:

The introduction of pyroxsulam, found in Broadway® Star has created a whole new concept in weed control. In the past, most herbicides have focused on either effectively controlling grassweeds or broad-leaved weeds – our pyroxsulam products control both weed types without comprise – that’s ‘cross spectrum’ weed control.


Land used for cereal crops can become infested with annual and pereninial weeds. To minimise competition between weeds and crop it is advisable to treat broad-leaved weeds in cereal crops before they compete significantly with the crop. Programmes begin in autumn, often with additional treatments made in the spring, around GS 30-32.

Control Options

A key benefit of Spitfire is its robustness of control of major weeds from early autumn to late spring. As the spring progresses even more options become available for broad-leaved weed control in cereals.

Starane® XL and GF-184 can all be applied once the crop has reached GS13. Best results are achieved from applications made from late March onwards.

Starane Hi-Load can be used from late April onwards, when temperatures are warmer and the risk of night frosts has diminished.

Products to control broad leaved weeds