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Memphis is a post-emergence herbicide for grass weed and broad-leaved weed control in winter cereals including winter wheat, winter rye, winter spelt and winter triticale.


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About Memphis®


  • Memphis provides a robust solution for control of the key grassweed and broad-leaved weeds in either the Autumn or the Spring.
  • Delivers excellent control of brome species, ryegrass and wild oats as well as a wide range of broad-leaved weeds.
  • Rainfast in 1 hour.
  • There are no specific cultivation requirements for following crops and excellent following crop profile.
  • Can be used in joint application with a wide range of ALS-inhibitor broad-leaved weed herbicide products.

Best use advice - Autumn

  • Apply Memphis at 75 g/ha with an adjuvant (95% w/w oil – rapeseed fatty acid):
    • Actirob B, Phase II, Intracrop Rigger, Super Rapeeze, Spraymate & Toil.
  • Meadow and rye brome control is best achieved in the autumn - Apply Memphis in a programme following an effective pre-emergence herbicide, in tank mix with a residual partner when brome is between GS 11-24 (optimal GS 11-13).
  • Ryegrass control is best achieved GS 11-29.
  • Wild oat control is best achieved GS 11-29.
    • Good activity on tame oats optimum GS 11-24 – Best control achieved pre-tillering in the Autumn.
    • Varietal differences in sensitivity/optimal timing. Consult Corteva Agriscience for latest varietal information.
  • To avoid subsequent injury to crops other than winter wheat, rye, spelt and triticale, spray equipment used for Memphis applications should be thoroughly cleaned with All Clear Extra/proprietary tank cleaner.


  • Winter wheat
  • Winter rye
  • Winter spelt
  • Winter triticale

Technical Specifications

MAPP No. 20659

Recommended crop:
Winter cereals (wheat, rye, spelt and triticale)

Active Ingredient:
69.5 g/kg of halauxifen-methyl (present as 66.7 g/kg halauxifen-methyl acid), 250 g/kg of pyroxsulam and 354 g a.s. of cloquintocet acid (safener). (HRAC Group 4 + 2 Herbicides)

Water Dispersible Granule (WG)

Pack Size:
375g – 5 ha pack

Maximum Individual Dose:
75 g/ha

Maximum Number of Applications:
1 per crop

Application Timing:
GS 12-32 inclusive (from 15th September to 15th May)

Water Volumes:
150-400 Litres water/ha

Buffer Zone:
6m non-reduceable buffer zone with 3* drift reduction technology

Spray Quality:
Medium as defined by BCPC

Horizontal boom sprayers must be fitted with three-star drift reduction technology

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