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What we learnt about Univoq™ fungicide in 2021

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By Mike Ashworth, Cereal Fungicide Product Manager.

Arable farmers will have heard this many times before, but it takes a very long time to bring a piece of chemistry to the market.

An innovative new cereal fungicide such as Univoq™ was, of course, no different.

The approval for the UK came last year; just in time for a good number of growers to apply it at T2.

As a business which has been working with Univoq in the background for many years, we already knew just how good it was, but farmers and agronomists needed to see it for themselves. And, in 2021, the disease pressure began to build.

Septoria was everywhere and there were many varieties really struggling to keep their flag leaves clean. Although no-one wants to see disease, the conditions were exactly what was required to fully demonstrate what Univoq was capable of. 

Our own trials in 2021 returned the sort of data we have been seeing for many years.

I was delighted to see Univoq top the previous market leader (Revystar® XE) in terms performance in 80% of trials over 36 sites across England and Scotland. 

As we get closer to the T2 application window in 2022, growers can also be assured by the data from these trials which clearly link Univoq to an average 0.25t/hectare uplift in yield that is worth £50/hectare, when the wheat price is £200/tonne.

Getting registration for Univoq was the result of a lot of hard work.

And then there were the issues caused by the pandemic to overcome; lockdown restrictions meant that we couldn’t show the product to everyone at events such as Cereals as we usually would and, instead, we had to get creative in finding ways to reach agronomists at home and farmers stuck on their farms.

But, looking back, 2021 was an ideal year for farmers to get to know Univoq, to find out which rates work and where it fits in their programme.

I am confident that if disease pressure should reach the highs of last year, farmers are well-equipped with the knowledge and confidence they need to use Univoq which has proven to bring a boost to their bottom line.


Learn more about Univoq, watch our trials videos and here about the positive experiences from farmers on our microsite.
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