Press Release •  18/02/2022

Corteva Agriscience™ launches Inatreq™ Learning Centre offering BASIS and NRoSO points

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Corteva Agriscience™ has today launched a new platform for farmers and agronomists to earn CPD points while learning about an innovative new cereal fungicide molecule.

The Inatreq™ Learning Centre went live this morning and offers users a series of informative videos delivered by technical specialists, scientists and biologists from Corteva’s fungicide development team.

Viewers can watch the series of video presentations before answering multiple choice questions online to qualify for BASIS and NRoSO CPD points.

Inatreq™ active is from a whole new class of chemistry offering a novel target site for the control of septoria and rusts in cereal crops, with no cross resistance to existing fungicides. It was launched in the UK last year in Univoq™ fungicide, co-formulated with prothioconazole and enhanced by Corteva’s patented i-Q4™ formulation.

The Inatreq Learning Centre offers short modules explaining how the molecule was developed, how it can help manage resistance to key diseases, and how the i-Q4 formulation further elevates the performance of the chemistry.

Farmers and advisers can also learn more about how the product can be applied to optimise performance, with demonstrable yield enhancement based on results seen from hundreds of trials across several years.

To earn CPD points, participants need to complete an online quiz after each video.

Mike Ashworth, Cereal Fungicides Category Manager for Corteva Agriscience, said: “When launching a whole new class of chemistry it is important that it is understood right from the start to ensure it is well managed to prevent resistance build up.

“With the Inatreq Learning Centre we have created a simple platform which gives an in-depth, practical guide to how this new molecule was developed, how it performs, and what yield benefit it can deliver.

“The information is presented by those who have worked with Inatreq and have seen it in trials long before it became available, so there is a huge amount of knowledge and experience to share.”

Five videos have been added to the online resource:
  • The discovery and development of the molecule
  • Resistance management with a new site of action
  •  i-Q4 formulation: turbo-charging a new class of chemistry 
  • Spray application flexibility
  • Broad spectrum control from a new site of chemistry

BASIS-qualified participants can collect one point per video if they correctly answer the quiz questions that follow. Those collecting NRoSO points can claim an additional two points per video.



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