Article •  22/06/2022

Inatreq™ active statement - 22 June 2022

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  • Corteva Agriscience UK continues to investigate reported incidents relating to some sprayer components when the tank mix being applied includes products containing Inatreq™ active.
  • Corteva has tested retained samples from batches associated with alleged sprayer damage and all products have been within manufacturing specification. Testing of samples recovered from farms has begun.
  • It is important to note that the majority of sprayer operators have experienced no issues using the product.
  • Where reports have been made, Corteva, together with distributor partners, are following up to obtain detailed information.
  • Data collected from recent user experience will enable an investigation of trends.
  • Corteva is taking the situation very seriously and has assembled a multi-disciplinary team of technical experts to investigate the matter. This includes physical tests in an attempt to replicate the situation that some sprayer operators have reported.
  • Due to the complexity of sprayer componentry, the assessments and testing are expected to take several months.
  • The company will provide further updates as the work progresses. We appreciate the cooperation and valuable feedback received from sprayer operators and distribution partners during this investigation.
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