Inatreq™ active UK technical statement

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In the past few days, Corteva has received reports of several incidences in the UK of the degradation of sprayer components (specifically nozzle O-rings and nozzle diaphragms) where the spray mix applied has included an Inatreq product.

With limited information available to date and in the absence of any conclusive link to Inatreq products, the following actions are advised to possibly mitigate issues:

  • Increase water volume to as near 200L/ha as practical
  • Reduce the number of products in any tank mix

In addition, it is important to follow label instructions and observe good agricultural practice.

  • Flush spray lines regularly with clean water at least once per day and ideally at breaks.
  • Use up spray solutions on the day of mixing.
  • Do not leave spray solutions in sprayers overnight.
  • Clean sprayers thoroughly with water and detergent after use.
  • Check jets and filters regularly for damage and blockages.
  • Always use appropriate PPE in accordance with the product labels. Always use the level of protection required for the most hazardous product. 

Corteva is undertaking a thorough investigation and will update this advice as more information becomes available. 

Best practice guidelines