Volunteer Beans

Vol Beans

Harvesting losses are routine with beans and can result in volunteer bean burden competing hard with establishing winter cereals in the autumn. The presence of volunteer beans can also cause problems for contact graminicides as large leafy bean volunteers can shade grassweeds and limit contact.

Volunteer beans can be controlled in winter crops including wheat, oats rye, triticale and cereals undersown with grass using Spitfire.

Spitfire is approved for use in the Autumn once the crop has reached GS13.

Volunteer bean control can be obtained from rates as low as 0.5 L/ha with a supported adjuvant*:

  • Use 0.5 L/ha + adjuvant – up to 4 etl
  • Use 0.75 L/ha – up to 4 etl
  • Use 0.75 L/ha – up to 6 etl

*Supported adjuvants: MSO type adjuvants or Bio-syl, Cogent, Kantor, Kinetic, Tonto.

Useful control of some other key autumn-germinating weeds such as common chickweed, mayweed and volunteer oilseed rape can also be achieved at this timing.

Products to control volunteer beans