Kerb weather data

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Kerb weather data

Kerb Weather Data

The Kerb Weather Data (KWD) tool is meant to be used as a guide to local weather conditions to aid growers and advisors in making local tactical decisions to optimise their AstroKerb® and Kerb® Flo applications and thus their activity against blackgrass.


Kerb Weather Data (KWD) is available on the link below from mid-October to 31 January each year.  For Kerb Weather Data with advanced functionality, download the free Corteva Arable App.

Click here for KWD web tool

If you use AstroKerb or Kerb Flo 500 when the traffic light is on red, soil temperatures may be too high, propyzamide will breakdowna quickly and blackgrass control may be compromised. In forward crops, large canopies may be closing in rows before the KWD tool indicates green for go. Corteva Agriscience™ trials over many years have shown blackgrass control from propyzamide is not impeded by large crop canopies. 

For Kerb Weather Data information at your fingertips, download the Corteva Arable App and use the Kerb Flo / AstroKerb timing tool for up-to-date application information for your postcode. Agronomists can also check postcode information for all their farmer clients too. 

  • Pin point your fields to check if conditions are suitable for propyzamide herbicide applications to winter oilseed rape.
  • Mitigate against run off by checking the slope of your field. An indication of soil type is also built in.
  • Manually add water boundaries to individual fields .

The Corteva Arable app is available for 
iOS and Android devices.    

You can also sign-up for our Kerb Weather Data e-newsletter here.  

In line with best practice guidance from the Voluntary Initiative, growers are advised to implement simple steps which will help ensure autumn and winter-applied products don’t reach watercourses. 

Visit Corteva’s propyzamide stewardship webpage and download our topic sheet for the latest advice and links to useful resources.

Download our latest advice for controlling blackgrass in OSR.

Best use of propyzamide
Best use of propyzamide
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Astrokerb Kerb bottles image