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Farmers who participate in the programme are given the opporutnity to practice hosting farm tours in preparation for their launches as LEAF demonstration farms. We also host virtual events on specific topics to allow farmers to share their experiences in these areas.

You can read and watch footage from all our previous events below.

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Previous Events

On-farm Discovery Events - October 2022

Our On-farm Discovery Events took place in October 2022 in Cambridgeshire and Shropshire.

These events were for potential Resilient & Ready applicants to learn more about the programme, meet the team and hear from Resilient & Ready graduates. 

We were joined at each event by a long standing LEAF Demonstration Farmer who shared their own unique insights and perspectives on what a truly sustainable business looks like, the optimal business strategies to ensure success in the long term and how to approach the first steps to create bigger, positive changes. 

Online Discovery Event - September 2022

This event included:
  • Experiences from past Resilient & Ready farmer graduates; what they got out of the programme, how it has influenced their farming approaches and mindset and their plans for the future
  • An opportunity to learn more about the Resilient & Ready programme, how to apply and the opportunities it could offer you and your business
  • Talks from LEAF and Corteva about the nuts and bolts of the programme

Watch now

Harriet and Ben LEAF demonstration farm launch - July 2022

Our final LEAF demonstration farm launch was livestreamed on 6 July 2022 from Aberdeenshire. You can watch the full recording of the event below.

Nick Down LEAF demonstration farm launch - June 2022

The launch of Yattendon Estate as a LEAF demonstration farm took place on 21 June 2022. Nick Down was the second of our #ResilientandReady farms to complete the programme.

Andy Bason LEAF demonstration farm launch - May 2022

On the 26 May 2022 we joined LEAF, friends and colleagues at Newhouse Farm to celebrate our first #ResilientandReady LEAF demonstration farm launch.

Celebration of Resilient & Ready online event - December 2021

The achievements of Corteva’s landmark sustainability programme, Resilient & Ready, was celebrated in December at an event attended by representatives from across the supply chain and government.

We were dissapointed that our scheduled House of Lords event in December 2021 was postponed due to concerns about Covid-19. However, the virtual replacement event was extremely well attended and prompted some fantastic discussions about our Resilient and Ready programme. 

Autumn On-Farm events - September-October 2021

How do you want to leave your land?

These on farm, interactive events brought together Resilient and Ready farmers, representatives from LEAF and Corteva Agriscience, industry professionals, and LEAF demonstration farmers to examine what farming will look like in 30 years time.

These free events helped farmers take a step back from the urgent business, political and climate issues of the moment, reflect on what you want to achieve in the long term and identify the best tools, techniques, and strategies to future proof your business.   

These events took place on Thursday 30th September in Hampshire and Wednesday 29th October in Aberdeenshire. 

Programme overview - Autumn 2021

Virtual Field Day: Carbon - April 2021

Listen to farmers and experts as they explain how UK farms can measure their carbon footprint and why they should challenge themselves to make changes to their business for the future.

Virtual Field Day: Biodiversity - March 2021

Join our Resilient and Ready team as they discuss biodiversity: taking stock of what you already have, monitoring to measure progress and ongoing management to target conservation efforts.

Resilient & Ready launch webinar - December 2020

At the Resilient and Ready launch webinar, each of our farmers talked in a series of breakout sessions focusing on the key issues facing farmers - biodiversity, soil health, energy, and water quality, all of which are at the crux of the biggest shake-up in farming policy for over 70 years.

Resilient & Ready LEAF Surgery - November 2020

This is a recording of the LEAF Zoom Surgery that took place on 6 November 2020.  Hosted by LEAF, the session was an informal opportunity to hear from LEAF CEO Caroline Drummond, guest speakers and ask the panel questions.