Press Release •  23/08/2019

New Pioneer Rapid React maize inoculant allows silage to be fed one week after harvest

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Pioneer is launching a new, faster-acting inoculant for use on maize silage in time for the 2019 harvest.

Pioneer Brand 11C33 Rapid React (RR) contains an additional patented strain of next-generation Lactobacillus buchneri, which speeds up the establishment of aerobic stability. This means treated silage can be in the ideal state for feeding in as little as seven days after ensiling.

“Many dairy farmers run out of maize silage before the next crop is harvested and are keen to re-introduce it to maintain a consistent ration,” explains Andy Stainthorpe, sales manager for the Pioneer brands marketed by Corteva Agriscience.

“Pioneer Brand 11C33 Rapid React significantly enhances the ‘front end’ of maize fermentation, in the same way as the previous 11C33 formulation did. However, the inclusion of the newly registered Lactobacillus buchneri means this product makes a faster impact on the ‘back end’ of fermentation. This leads to more rapid generation of the compounds that inhibit the growth or yeasts and moulds, so that the maize silage is aerobically stable much sooner.”

Pioneer Brand 11C33 RR also reduces dry matter losses during feed-out and the silage remains cool for much longer when exposed to air.

“Using this inoculant means the clamp can be opened successfully from one week after the crop has been harvested. Treated silage will have high feed quality and very little waste right from the start.”

11C33 RR is available as a water-soluble product in packaging suitable for use in tank mixes or with the Pioneer Appli-Pro application systems for easy and convenient application.

Maize harvest 2019

Looking ahead to the maize harvest, Mr. Stainthorpe says crops that established well look to have high yield potential, having benefited from good average temperatures and adequate soil moisture over the summer.

“Harvesting forage maize with a high starch content should always be the aim and hybrids, such as the new Pioneer dent hybrid P7034, appear to be on track to deliver just that,” says Mr. Stainthorpe.

“Around 75% of the energy in maize silage comes from the starch content, but only in silages that have fully matured. Assessing maturity accurately ahead of deciding when to harvest will be as important as ever.”

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