Article •  17/08/2022

Why use Instinct nitrogen stabiliser this Autumn?

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With harvesting drawing to a close across the UK, it will soon be time for growers to consider their cropping plans for next season. 

Traditionally, growers have used slurry, farmyard manure and, more recently, digestate from anaerobic digester plants to provide nutrition to autumn crops where a need to do so has been identified, applied in a manner consistent with guidelines. 

During 2021, there was confusion as to whether any nitrogen could be applied during autumn as the Environment Agency enforced Farming Rules for Water. Clarification arrived earlier this year, with autumn applications permitted when applied according to the individual needs of the crop. Ultimately, the premise of the rule remains the same - to protect the environment from leaching of nitrate and greenhouse gases. 

Nitrogen in the autumn is quite vulnerable to environmental escape – warm soils mean rapid conversion to nitrate, crops with limited root networks struggle to pick up the nitrate, and more rainfall in the autumn can leach away nitrate or prompt denitrification in waterlogged soils.

With limited amounts of nitrogen allowed to reduce negative environmental effects, it becomes very important to minimise losses not only for environmental reasons but agronomic ones as well. Making sure that the nitrogen applied is available to the crop will support establishment and successful overwintering. 

This is where Instinct® comes in. 

Instinct can reduce leaching and denitrification by about 50% and yield responses of approximately 7%, as well as improved crop vigour, have been recorded from Corteva’s internal development trials conducted in oilseed rape where Instinct was used in conjunction with slurry.

Based upon Corteva’s unique Optinyte technology, Instinct keeps more nitrogen in the soil for longer, improving nitrogen use efficiency.

It will arrive on farms as a 300g formulation. Applications should be made at a rate of 1.7l/ha, as close to the main fertiliser application as possible. 

Inhibition of the nitrification process has shown to last longer than 10 weeks following an application. 

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