Our farmer survey results, one year on...

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What are the key issues and challenges your business faces?

Regulations are always evolving but we focus on stewardship and investment to keep our products on the market to ensure they have a lasting influence. 

What do you expect from Corteva in the future?

Resilient and Ready is an immersive, action-packed three-year programme of training, technical support and mentoring to adopt more sustainable farming and gain the skills and know-how. You can follow our 4 farms on their journey here.

Belkar® is a post-emergence autumn applied herbicide for use on winter oilseed rape that we launched in 2018. We are currently giving away three petrol pressure washers and twelve Belkar satchels – to read more about Belkar and enter click here

Launched in 2019, Korvetto® is a selective post-emergence spring applied herbicide for use on winter oilseed rape. Korvetto herbicide provides superior control of a wide range of annual broad-leaved weeds, including Cleavers, Mayweed, and Thistles. Click here to read more about Korvetto.

Zorvec Endavia® was launched this year, offering robust control of late blight in potatoes, and downy mildew in onions, shallots and garlic. Read more about our Zorvec story here.

What information would you value from Corteva?

Our Hotline team provide you with support whenever you need it. There’s always someone from Corteva on hand to help you with tank mixes or deal with any issues.

You can call our Hotline team on 0800 689 8899 or email them at ukhotline@corteva.com for up to date advice on any of our products.

Our trials allow you to experience the benefits of our products on your farm and see how you can adapt our products to your needs.

We always have opportunities for farmers to be involved in our trials – get in touch with your local Area Manager to find out more.

We are developing the most up to date, effective, innovative solutions for crop protection and seeds.

When new products are launched to market, we’ll let you know through our in season updates. Make sure you’re signed up to hear from us by clicking here.

How do you want to hear from us?

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And feel free to get in touch with your Area Manager with any specific questions or feedback!