Press Release •  22/04/2020

Buttercup and Dandelion

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Buttercups emerge in April so this is the ideal month to target them. Often, the trigger for spraying a field of buttercups is once the farmer has noticed that the field has turned yellow as the buttercups flower. Best control of buttercups is achieved if they are sprayed before flowering.  However, replicated Corteva Agriscience trials showed that useful control of creeping buttercup can still be obtained during flowering, but control can be 10% less than from a pre-flowering application. Although our grassland herbicides are not harmful to insects, if spraying during flowering, follow good agricultural practice by timing sprays for early morning or late evening when pollinators are less likely to be active. For best overall control, pre-flowering applications of Envy® at 2.0 L/ha is preferred.

Dandelion can be a troublesome weed in some grassland fields. Although dandelions are palatable to stock, they are relatively unproductive in terms of nutrition and so can reduce the overall productivity of pasture if they are present. Envy at 2.0 L/ha is a good option for dandelion control. As with buttercups, best control is achieved with a pre-flowering treatment. If docks are also present alongside dandelions, then use Doxstar® Pro at 2.0 L/ha.

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