Forefront® T Stewardship


Forefront® T is a very effective herbicide. It is ideal for use on high populations and large, established weed populations. It is an excellent tool to rejuvenate permanent pasture where re-seeding is not possible. Its use however precludes use on grass being grown to produce hay or silage, or on pastures where dung is collected e.g. pony paddocks. Manure derived from such use will contain traces of aminopyralid which could affect the subsequent growth of susceptible crops, especially tomatoes, beans or potatoes.

It is a requirement of the product approval that advisors receive regular training in the use of Forefront T. An online course is available for this purpose and BASIS CPD points are awarded for completion. It is recommended that anyone who has not received a training update within the last 24 months should take this course. If you would like to access this course, please email for registration.

All Forefront T Stewardship activities are based within the Corteva Grassland App.

Cutting for hay/silage

• Grass treated with Forefront T may be grazed by cattle or sheep from 7 days after spraying. Any manure from these animals should not leave the farm.

• Silage/hay can be made in the year after Forefront T sprayed – for use on-farm – manure must be used on-farm.

• Only 2 years after treatment can hay/silage be sold off-farm – i.e. in Year 3.