ALS Joint applications

sprayer in wheat field

A joint application is the use of a product in tank mixture or sequence with another product.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Joint applications should only be made within the label recommendations of every product in the application.


ALS-inhibitor advice:

The following advice applies to Corteva Agriscience ALS-inhibitor herbicides

You can apply a maximum of two ALS products per crop of which:  

  1. Only one application of an ALS product for grassweed control (i.e. one grassweed product + one broad-leaved weed product)
  2. OR Two broad-leaved weed products.


Where florasulam is one of your ALS products then you can still make a further application of a product containing florasulam (it still counts as one) provided:

  • You do not exceed 7.5 g ai/ha per crop.
  • You do not exceed 3.75 g ai/ha before 15th February.