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Get your £303 voucher with Corteva's Oilseed Rape Offer
Already the most profitable break crop in the rotation, oilseed rape is expected to make a resurgence this autumn, buoyed by strong market demand and new approaches to establishment. Early predictions are that some growers will increase their planted area, while those who have taken a step back from the crop in recent years could return. 

We're running an exclusive offer for anyone who purchases our new Protector® Sclerotinia tolerant hybrid PT303 and Belkar® herbicide this season. Participants will be eligible for a £303 One4All gift card when they provide proof of purchase for these items.

For more information take a look at our short video by clicking on the OSR offer image below, or click on the button.
Mark Shaw explains our OSR Offer
Resilient and Ready news
Our Resilient and Ready farmers have been hard at work over the past few months, so it's fantastic to see their successes being recognised nationally!
Resilient and Ready farmers Harriet and Ben featured on Episode 11 of FAS TV with their advice for new entrant farmers. Watch them by clicking on the image below.
FAS TV: New Entrant advice from Harriet Grant and Ben Lowe
Watch Harriet and Ben from 12 mins in by clicking the video above or clicking here.
Congratulations to Harriet Ross who's made the 2021 Farmers Weekly award shortlist! Harriet was nominated for the young farmer of the year award. You can see the full shortlist here.

Congratulations to Andy Bason who's been announced as one of CPM's climate change champions! He featured in their June edition talking about his Agroforestry project.

For more information on the Resilient and Ready programme, including the latest farmer blogs, take a look at our website using the button below.
Build resilience into your winter crops
Weather patterns in the autumn have been unpredictable of late, with above average rainfall in many areas of the UK.  Too much rain can leach nitrogen or create waterlogged soils which lead to loss of nitrogen by greenhouse gases. This escape of nitrogen into the environment is not good economically or environmentally. Build resilience into your cropping programme by including a nitrogen stabiliser which will protect valuable nitrogen, improve your winter crops, and deliver a clear environmental benefit on your farm.

Nitrogen stabilisers slow down the conversion of ammonium to nitrate and keep nitrogen available to crops for longer to optimise yield and quality. Corteva nitrogen stabiliser products feature Optinyte™ technology and are sold under the N-Lock™ and Instinct™ brands.

By applying Optinyte products to your seed bed prior to drilling, you can slow down the de-nitrification process and reduce leaching during the wet autumn months when soils are most vulnerable to leaching. Controlling nitrogen in this way has a double benefit – it keeps nitrogen available to crops for longer to optimise yield and quality, and it improves sustainability by reducing nitrogen losses by up to 50% through leaching and greenhouse gases.

Optinyte can be applied to winter cereals and rape either through a crop sprayer or added to slurry. Farm trials show average yield increases of +4.7% in winter wheat.
More Corteva news...
  • Did you get chance to speak to Corteva's John Sellars at Cereals? He was demonstrating the EasyConnect Closed Transfer system - read more here
  • Click here to enter our Univoq™ fungicide competition that we launched in collaboration with the Cereals Event. The prize bundle contains a Musto dry bag, torch pack and thermal mug - enter by 31 August 2021.
  • Read the latest blog from Resilient and Ready farmer Harriet Ross as she talks about the trials underway at her Aberdeenshire farm and her hopes for harvest.
  • Our team have been out demonstrating our Univoq and PT303 trials. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see how we've been getting on!
  • In our latest #FollowTheCrop video, Andy Stainthorpe shows how PT303 is standing up to pressure from sclerotinia as infection begins to rise in different parts of the UK.
Follow the Crop video: Andy Stainthorpe
The latest #FollowTheCrop video from Andy Stainthorpe. Click on the image above to watch the video
John Sellars at Cereals with EasyConnect
Corteva's John Sellars alongside other manufacturers at the Cereals Event promoting EasyConnect
Get in touch with the Hotline team
Our hotline team are on hand to answer any queries or concerns you have regarding Corteva products. Give them a call on 0800 689 8899.
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