wheat ears at flowering stage


Seed Treatment

Inspired by nature, Ympact® is a novel biostimulant seed treatment which enhances seedling growth by optimising metabolic processes and abiotic stress tolerance.

Why use Ympact?
  • Speeds up plant emergence and improves early crop vigour.
  • Enables more uniform plant establishment.
  • Increases biomass and chlorophyll content.
  • Increases metabolic activity and tolerance to diseases.
  • Increases winter hardiness.
  • Compatible with fungicidal base seed dressings.


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About Ympact

Key benefits of Ympact

  • Alleviates stress via improved antioxidant activity, natural metabolism and plant physiology.
  • Forms protective layer around the seed allowing any other base fungicide treatments to work more effectively.
  • Improves nutrient availability.
  • Improves beneficial microorganism activity and balanced soil around the seed for radicle to emerge.
  • Enhances radicle and root development.
  • Effective absorption into the seed. Absorbed by the cells. Activates metabolism and physiological processes.
  • Helps mitigate any chemical stress responses within the plant.
  • Improved stress tolerance, metabolism and physiological features leading to better plant stand, germination and early growth. 

How does Ympact work?

Ympact helps crops to get off to a great start during early growth development even in poorer establishment conditions. It is formed from purified lignin, which is a natural by-product of the paper manufacturing process sourced from conifer trees.

The resulting product, Ympact is a biostimulant that contains an optimal ratio of humic and fulvic acids which are bonded with selected micronutrients essential for plant development.

Nutrient availability is essential for any plant to function to its optimum. In the beginning, nutrients in the endosperm are neither immediately or sufficiently available to support germination properly. Seeds initially only have a limited amount of energy available to release nutrients for germination and plant development.

With Ympact's unique molecular complex combined with micronutrients, seeds are supported with additional external nutrients and energy which support various metabolic activities during the germination process.


How Ympact work inside the seed

  • Ympact penetrates the seed’s coating, leading to:
  • Enhanced germination and nutrient optimisation
  • Enhanced radicle and root meristem development ​
  • Absorption of Ympact leads to increased rate of nutrient and water absorption by the seed.​
  • Stress alleviation​
  • Antioxidant activity; mitigation of oxidative stress.​​


How Ympact works in soil contact with seed​

  • Increased microorganism activity via introduction of available carbon and nutrients. Prolonged lifespan of beneficial bacteria.​
  • Improvement of local soil quality and properties around the seed.
  • Stable, nutrient rich soil for radicle to emerge.​
  • pH; stabilisation to both acid and alkaline direction.​
  • Water retention; humic substances in Ympact can retain approximately 7 times of its volume in water.​
  • Stabilisation against changes.​


Technical specifications

Contains: Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, trace elements including Copper (0.45%), Manganese (0.74%), Zinc (1.1%), Boron, Cobolt, Sodium


Ympact is suitable for use in ALL cereal crops:

  • Winter and Spring wheat 
  • Winter and Spring barley 
  • Winter rye 
  • Winter and Spring triticale 
  • Durum Wheat 
  • Spelt 
  • Winter and spring oats


Dose rate on all cereals: 0.7 l/t of seeds
Complies with “EC2003/2003” and marketed as “EC-FERTILISER“

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