An early maturity hybrid that combines very good early vigour with a tall growth habit, P7524 has given very high dry matter yields of good starch content and suits growers seeking to produce a large quantity of early to mature silage or to maximise biogas production. P7524 has a notable level of resistance to Eyespot (Aureobasibium zeae).

Hybrid Solutions

Primary end use

  • Forage
  • Biogas

Hybrid Characteristics

  • Tall, large stature
  • Very good early vigour
  • Good comparative resistance to Eyespot (Aureobasibium zeae)

Grown in the open

  • On good to favourable sites where higher dry matter yields are sought

Grown using the Samco System

  • On less favourable sites in the UK
  • On good sites in southern and midland counties of Ireland, and also favourable, sheltered sites in more northerly counties.

Hybrid Specific Agronomic Advice

1 Score on a 1- 9 scale where 9 = very resistant

2 Assumes plant establishment losses of less than 5%

3 Film penetration varies with conditions and film. Trials conducted with Samco and Maizetech films