Maize crop



Launched in 2023, P7179 is the earliest maturing hybrid in the Pioneer range. P7179 combines very good early vigour with extra early maturity and a notably high eyespot resistance score of 8. Across three years of PACTS trials, P7179 has given very high starch contents on both favourable sites (37.9%) and less favourable sites (39.2%). P7179 exhibits fast silk formation of the second ear often leading to more extensive pollination and extra grain set

Hybrid Solutions

Primary End Use

  • Forage
  • Biogas
  • Grain

Hybrid Characteristics

  • Extra early maturity on both favourable and less favourable sites 
  • Tall hybrid for this maturity 
  • Early flowering 
  • Very high starch content silage 
  • High grain yields with potential for combining 
  • Very good eyespot resistance 
  • Flint grain texture

Grown In The Open

  • Adapted to all maize growing sites in the UK & Ireland
  • Anticipate early harvest date 

Grown Using The Samco System

  • Extremely early maturity
  • Very high starch content
  • High starch yields 

Hybrid Specific Agronomic Advice

* Score on a 1- 9 scale where 9 = very resistant

** Assumes plant establishment losses of less than 5%

*** Film penetration varies with conditions and film. Trials conducted with Samco and Maizetech films