Maize crop



DS1897B is a tall, late maturing very high dry matter yielding flint grain textured hybrid. It is suited to very favourable sites in the open and under film where a high dry matter yield is sought and no harvesting date restrictions apply. Late sowing is to be avoided.


DS1897B has an impressive plant stature. It will suit growers looking to maximise fresh and dry matter yields and produce silage of an average starch content.

Hybrid Solutions

Primary End Use

  • Forage
  • Biogas

Hybrid Characteristics

  • Large stature hybrid capable of producing very high dry matter yields 
  • Good early vigour and standing ability 

Grown In The Open

  • On favourable sites in the south of England 

Grown Using The Samco System

  • On favourable sites in England 
  • On the most favourable sites in southern Ireland 

Hybrid Specific Agronomic Advice

* Score on a 1- 9 scale where 9 = very resistant

** Assumes plant establishment losses of less than 5%

*** Film penetration varies with conditions and film. Trials conducted with Samco and Maizetech films