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Zorvec Enicade®


Realise Unmatched Consistency and Disease Control
Zorvec Enicade® (oxathiapiprolin) disease control provides an unrivalled combination of consistency and control to help you grow a better crop, even under the most challenging environmental conditions.


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About Zorvec Enicade®



Technical Specifications

Oil dispersion containing 100 g/l oxathiapiprolin.

Recommended crop:

Target disease:
Potato blight (Phytophthora infestans).

Use rate:
150 ml product per hectare, in tank-mix with a suitable partner product.

Water volume and spray quality:
Apply in 200 l/ha using a MEDIUM quality spray.

LERAP information:
ZORVEC Enicade® has no LERAP restrictions.

Rainfall or irrigation within 2 hours after application may reduce effectiveness.

Minimum interval between sprays:
7 days.

Limit to number of applications:
Maximum of 4 applications per season
Maximum of 3 in a block

Harvest interval:
7 days

1 litre.

Area treated per pack:
6.67 ha

MAPP No. 18370

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