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Synero® is a water in oil emulsion containing 30 g/litre (3.5% w/w) aminopyralid (present as 36 g/litre aminopyralid potassium) and 100 g/litre (14.14% w/w) fluroxypyr (present as 144 g/litre fluroxypyr-methyl heptyl ester). 

For the control of a wide range of deep-rooted perennial and herbaceous weeds on non-crop land such as motorway and railway embankments, roadsides, grassland of no agricultural interest, and industrial areas (but excluding airfields).

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Crop of Use

You can view a comprehesive list of Synero crops and controls in the label.




Technical Specifications





Product Registration Number  MAPP 18578
Active Ingredient  30 g/L aminopyralid and 100 g/L fluroxypyr
Pack Size  3.0 Litres
Formulation  Water in oil Emulsion
Dose Rates  2.0 L/ha,  Maximum 1 treatment per  year; Must use an antifoam
Water Volumes  200-400 L/ha
Spray Quality  MEDIUM as defined by BCPC
LERAP  No LERAP Restrictions

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For more info call our technical hotline: 0800 689 8899, or e-mail: ukhotline@corteva.com

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For more information you can call Nomix Enviro Limited on 08000 324352Rigby Taylor Limited on 01204 677777 or ICL on 01473 237100

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