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Dow Shield® 400


Dow Shield® 400 is a post-emergence herbicide which provides economic control of a range of perennial and annual broad-leaved weeds in oilseed rape, sugar beet and a wide range of other crops.

Flexible on dose rate and ideal for a programmed approach, Dow Shield 400 gives superb control of difficult weeds including mayweeds and thistles.
The double strength formulation of Dow Shield 400 provides the same level of control as our previous formulation but simply with less packaging, giving significant benefits to the end user. Coupled with the new self-seal technology, waste disposal is simplified with this new packaging concept.


Key benefits

·         New self-seal technology
         o    No induction seal or foil to dispose of
         o    Improves turn around operations
         o    Simplifies waste recovery
         o    Reduces risk of point source contamination

·         Excellent crop selectivity and compatibility




Beet (Unspecified) (Beta vulgaris ssp. Vulgaris)

Beet, Red (Beta vulgaris ssp. Vulgaris)

Beet, Sugar (Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris)

Brussels sprout (outdoor)

Cabbage (outdoor)

Cauliflower (outdoor)


Flax Seed




Oilseed Rape

Ornamental Plants


Wheat, Spring

Wheat, Winter

Technical Specifications

Product Registration Number:
MAPP 14984

Active Ingredient:
400 g/litre clopyralid

Pack Size:
2.0 Litres

Soluble Concentrate

Maximum Individual Dose:
0.5 L/ha

Maximum Total Dose:
0.75 L/ha

Application Timing:
No earlier than 1st March in year of harvest

Latest Timing:
When crops meet between the rows (BBCH 39). Applications should be completed by end of June

Water Volumes:
200-250 Litres water/ha. (Sugar Beet low dose: 80-100 Litres water/ha)

Spray Quality:
Medium spray as defined by BCPC



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