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Weronika's blog

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As the world’s only major agriscience company completed dedicated to agriculture, at Corteva Agriscience, we’re building a culture that stays curious, thinks differently, acts boldly and takes a stand on what’s right for our customers, our co-workers, our partners and our planet. We have partnered with MDS, to not only work with an excellent calibre of graduates, but also to help develop the skills needed for the next generation of leaders into our sector. We know we’ve got big challenges to solve – and we are delighted to have MDS as part of the solution. 


Weronika Pawlowska is our first MDS graduate.  Below, in Weronika's blog, we hear all about her first MDS placement at Corteva Agriscience.


I am a graduate of the University of Liverpool, with a BSc in Psychology. I am currently on a two-year graduate scheme with Management Development Services (MDS). MDS is providing me with the opportunity to be placed in four different secondments in four different companies within the food and fresh produce industry. You may be wondering why I chose this industry after completing a Psychology degree. Whilst at University, I completed two summer placements at Minor Weir and Willis, a supplier of fruit and vegetables to supermarkets, working in the Sales Admin team. This sparked my interest in the industry and after carrying out extensive research into graduate schemes whilst in my final year of university, MDS seemed like the perfect fit.

My first secondment as part of MDS has been at Corteva Agriscience, working as a Marketing and Customer Relationship Management Assistant, based in Cambridge. I have been part of the Corteva team for nine months and I have gained invaluable experience. I have not only been able to attend events such as CropTec and British Potato with the Corteva team, but I was also able to support the planning of the Corteva stand at these events.

I have also supported the organisation and delivery of a series of product events across the UK and worked as the event manager for several of these. I have been involved in multiple exciting projects including supporting the Farm Engagement team and being part of the LEAF and Corteva Resilient and Ready programme project team.

I have really enjoyed my secondment at Corteva and I would like to say a huge thank you to the entire Corteva team for providing me with such great experience, opportunities and being so welcoming. I have been able to make the most out of my secondment and I’ve gained valuable insights into an ever-changing industry.

My next secondment will be at another manufacturer where I will be working in a commercial excellence role.

I highly recommend the Management Development Services (MDS) scheme for graduates that would like to gain varied experience in the food and fresh produce industry.

William Corrigan, Weronika Pawlowska and Iuliia Kovalova awarding a prize at Croptec.
William Corrigan, Weronika Pawlowska and Iuliia Kovalova awarding a prize at Croptec.

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