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Meet the Area Manager: An Interview with Tom Rouse

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Tell us a little bit about the part of the country you work in?

I look after the Eastern counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Kent. So, a highly productive and professional agricultural region, with crops of cereals, oilseeds, roots, top and soft fruits, legumes, potatoes, vegetables and salads all making up the rich and diverse tapestry of the East. Livestock production in the area consists mainly of pigs and poultry; with some lamb, beef and dairy still operating in areas where grass is still prevalent; so the region lends itself to the entire portfolio of Corteva products and solutions.

Do you have a connection to agriculture outside of Corteva?

Yes; I studied at Harper Adams University and I am an active partner in my family’s farm near Bury St Edmunds. We grow spring and winter cereals, sugar beet, legumes, grass and cover crops. We also rear Angus cross bullocks from 3 months to finishing and keep a few store lambs for the freezer. I do all the agronomy, spraying and fertiliser applications. I also manage SFI and countryside stewardship and help with the cattle when I get time.

Can you describe your journey to becoming an Area Manager at Corteva?

Before Corteva, I worked as an agronomist for 10 years operating in Suffolk and South Norfolk,  and was very passionate about helping my agronomy clients achieve the best results for their farms. However, I wanted to expand and reach a wider audience which is why I decided to apply for the Area Manager position at Corteva. As Area Manager for the East, I now provide technical and commercial support to around 260 agronomists across my region, which opens up new challenges and experiences and grows my skills in agronomy. 

What has been the most thrilling project you’ve worked on at Corteva?

One of the most exciting projects that I am currently involved in is the cereal and root herbicide crop group at Corteva. We have a really exciting portfolio of new herbicides on route to market for the UK, which will offer new solutions for weed control in cereals and roots. Being able to shape the future of products that will best suit the needs of my region is very interesting and rewarding.

How do you keep up-to-date with the latest advancements and trends in agriculture?

By picking up the phone! You can learn a lot from a 5-minute catch up with friends, peers, colleagues, farmers, and agronomists. It's amazing what you can gleam about people's thoughts, trends, and developments in the industry, as well as their challenges and successes. 

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become an Area Manager in the agricultural industry?

My advice would be to attend industry events, learn about agriculture around where you live or want to live, and get to know the people that farm there. Agriculture is a collective of like-minded rural people, and getting to know how the region’s agriculture functions is so important to being an effective Area Manager. 

Why would you recommend Corteva as a great place to work?

The three P’s: People, Products, and Pipeline! Everyone at Corteva is very positive, knowledgeable, and progressive. Our current products fit very well with the needs of the UK farmer, and our pipeline of products to come is looking very exciting.

Tom Rouse
Tom Rouse

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Tom Rouse

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