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Life at Corteva with Lucy Baxter

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Across Corteva we are fortunate to have interns, like Lucy Baxter, providing a fresh perspective and learning what life at Corteva is like, working to support farmers and enrich lives.

Lucy joined the Marketing Communications team in October 2023 for a 6-month internship. Let’s delve into Lucy’s experience during her time at Corteva!

What can you tell us about yourself?

I graduated from Leeds University with a masters in Food Science and Nutrition in 2022 and joined the 2 year MDS (Management Development Services) graduate scheme, which has taken me to 4 diverse secondments all within the food and agricultural industry. Before my fourth and final secondment with Corteva I have worked for Greenvale Potatoes as a HR assistant, Fletcher’s Bakery in a Continuous Improvement role and Iceland Foods as a Buying Assistant. All four secondments, including working as Marketing Communications assistant at Corteva, have shaped me into a more confident individual with a huge passion for food and the industry. 

What inspired you to apply for the internship at Corteva?

The MDS graduate scheme focuses on developing a trainee’s skillset and providing a well-rounded experience. I expressed an interest in Marketing and when I was matched with the Corteva UK and IE Marketing Communications team I couldn’t have been happier. I entered the world of agriculture and farming with no prior experience, eager to gain invaluable insights into the agriscience sector. My anticipation grew as I looked forward to immersing myself in this new environment. Additionally, I had the pleasure of meeting individuals from the Corteva Marketing Team at one of MDS’s Meet the Trainee events. Their friendliness, passion, and unforgettable presence left a lasting impression, and I couldn’t wait to become part of this remarkable team!

What has a typical day at Corteva been like for you?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a fantastic team. My days have been varied and interesting with no 2 days being the same. I’ve worked closely on the Forage portfolio which included working on social media campaigns, the Forage Agronomy Update and I had the opportunity to attend Dairy Tech 2024 as an exhibitor. I’ve worked within the Corteva brand to create marketing material to promote some of the many resources Corteva offer to support farmers, agronomists or anyone interested in the agricultural field (excuse the pun). I’ve also been able to work on exciting projects such as the Resilient and Ready programme where Corteva, alongside LEAF, support a cohort of farmers to achieve a sustainable and resilient, farm with lasting results. It was insightful to hear first hand the challenges farmers experience every day and how this is combatted with the right support and network. 

What have the highlights been of this role?

The first and biggest highlight of my internship at Corteva has been the people! Not just the MarComms team, but everyone I’ve met at Corteva has been lovely, friendly, supportive and happy to chat and share their experiences. Corteva is a company that prioritises its people and that shows in the amazing teamwork and relationships within. 

The second is the exposure I’ve had to agriculture and farming. Having known little about the industry before starting at Corteva, I’ve really been grateful for this experience. My time at Corteva has provided me with a fresh perspective and newfound respect for farmers and the food I consume. I intend to carry this valuable experience forward throughout my career. I am proud to have worked for Corteva, even though it’s been a short time, it’s been great to see the work they do to support the farming community. 

Do you have any advice for people wanting to enter the agricultural sector?

Give it a go! I entered into this role as part of a graduate scheme and there are plenty of opportunities out there, including Corteva’s own internship programme. The agricultural sector is so vast, it can be quite daunting knowing where to start. But I kept turning up, getting involved and being curious. I learn the most by speaking to individuals and asking questions. It’s been great getting to know more about the industry and individual experiences from the Corteva team and the Resilient and Ready farmers.

Lucy Baxter
Lucy Baxter

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