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Meet the Area Manager: An Interview with Adam Fairweather

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Tell us a little bit about the part of the country you work in?

I work in the North of England, which is exciting as it has a wide range of crops from arable to forage and different soil types from the West to the East of Northern England, which makes for a unique set of challenges!

Do you have a connection to agriculture outside of Corteva?

Not really. I went to an Agricultural College and University but I’m not originally from a farming background.

Can you describe your journey to becoming an Area Manager at Corteva?

Earlier in my career I worked in crop protection trials. Then moved onto working as an Area Manager for another large manufacturer, where I honed my skills of product knowledge and agronomy. I joined Corteva in 2018 as the Area Manager for the North of England and continue to enjoy being out in the field, working with innovative products and talking to farmers and agronomists. 

What has been the highlight for you so far in your role?

One of the most recent projects that I’ve enjoyed being involved in is the launch of Inatreq™ active, and learning and growing from the implementation of this product into the market.

How do you keep up-to-date with the latest advancements and trends in agriculture?

I keep myself updated by speaking with growers and agronomists, reading industry newsletters, attending trade shows, visiting other organisations’ field days and having discussions with other Corteva Area Managers and teams. 

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become an Area Manager in the agricultural industry?

Experience is everything! My advice would be to get practical hands-on experience working with the products beforehand.

Why would you recommend Corteva as a great place to work?

People are what make Corteva great. We have a great, friendly, welcoming, and diverse team here in the UK.  

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Adam Fairweather

North of England

Tel: 07971 477178

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