Agronomy •  04/04/2023

Inatreq™ active Spring 2023 Update

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With early season frequent rainfall, there is a high Septoria threat in most UK regions this spring. Products containing Inatreq™ active offer broad spectrum disease control, with particular strength against Septoria, leading to outstanding yields.

In 2022, most UK users applied Corteva fungicides containing Inatreq active without problem; whilst in mainland Europe over one million hectares were successfully treated with only one sprayer issue reported.

In the UK, some users reported that ‘rubber’ sprayer components were affected when using fungicides containing Inatreq active.

An extensive six-month investigation by Corteva Agriscience identified that products containing Inatreq active were not the sole cause of the reported failures but the investigation also showed that the failures could not be attributed to any single factor.

To help users apply these fungicides with confidence, Corteva has published and widely disseminated its Best Practice Inatreq Application Advice ( The advice highlights the need to use the most resilient component materials when replacing sprayer parts; to undertake regular maintenance, particularly the regular replacement of consumable parts; to practise good sprayer hygiene on a daily basis; and to pay attention to using appropriate water volumes to avoid high concentrations of spray solution.

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Inatreq best practice advice stewardship icon / header

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