Article •  29/04/2024

Broad-leaved weed control in cereal crops in a difficult season

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Now that the weather conditions have improved and spring cereals are emerging, growers face the challenge of a large backlog of on farm activities. Getting on top of competitive broad-leaved weeds early should be a priority for growers in the coming weeks. 

Cold fluctuating temperatures mean that conditions may not be ideal for sulfonyl-urea and phenoxy herbicides to be fully effective. Instead, growers should choose Arylex based products such as Zypar® (Arylex™ active + florasulam), which will work effectively in marginal conditions, without the risk of crop damage to stressed crops.

If targeting weeds in spring barley, Zypar provides a broad spectrum of activity, including difficult weeds such as Cleavers, Brassicas and Fumitory, which is not adequately controlled by SU’s nor phenoxy chemistry. When needed to broaden the scope of the application to include polygonum species such as Knotgrass, an SU partner such as Harmony® M SX® (containing metsulfuron-methyl and thifensulfuron-d wmethyl) may be added. Zypar will also be a safer option than phenoxy’s on lush, rapidly growing crops.

When applications to winter cereals have been delayed due to difficulties with travelling, Zypar is also an excellent option, because it is safe up to GS45 of the crop (except on oats) and does not have any following crop restrictions like many other herbicides, providing the most flexible entry into oilseed rape or cover crops.

It also has a broad range of tested tank-mix compatibilities, making it easier and safer to use than phenoxy chemistry.

Where Groundsel is an issue, small plants may be controlled by a mixture of Zypar plus a tribenuron containing SU, such as Cameo SX. (Larger, waxed up or flowering Groundsel may not be well controlled).

Farms with suspected or confirmed resistance to ALS chemistry in poppies and chickweed will also see the benefit of using Arylex based chemistry. In this instance, Pixxaro® (Arylex and fluroxypyr) would be the best solution, as both active ingredients will work effectively against ALS resistant chickweed.


The Zypar weed spectrum can be found on the technical information sheet here.



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