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Seed solutions

Growing a maize crop that meets all requirements depends upon selecting a hybrid with the most appropriate genetic potential and then managing that hybrid in a manner that will meet the chosen objectives. Help to maximise your yield with a Pioneer maize hybrid to suit your individual growing condition.


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Today, Corteva Agriscience™ offers a range of Pioneer branded hybrids and varieties that offer a great crop depending on the growers needs.

Pioneer maize hybrid range

2023-24 PACTS Book

Download our PACTS book for information on maize seed varieties.


Maize crop protection solutions


Give your crops the start they need by removing unwanted, competitive problem weeds. Leystar can be applied to forage maize at the early growth stage right up until the end of June, giving your crop the maximum opportunity to deliver to its full potential.



Accent is a broad-spectrum herbicide for weed control in forage maize.