Grassland Innovation Platform

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Livestock farmers need to maximise the provision of quality home grown animal feed. In the UK and Ireland our ability to grow great grass means our livestock farmers have an advantage. Corteva's R&D and new product pipeline is helping farmers to build a more sustainable and resilient future. Our Grassland Innovation Platform gives you the opportunity to see our future innovations.


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Why this is a must-attend event.

  • See how best to control weeds in newly sown leys and established grassland where clover needs to be established and nurtured.
  • Learn about new label definitions for newly sown leys.
  • Build knowledge and confidence in the use of three new products ahead of approval.
  • See how tough weeds like hogweed, cow parsley and horse tail can be controlled.

Advance your knowledge of other areas.

  • Learn about the technology in our Pioneer silage inoculants and why they should have greater importance in helping your farmer clients further enhance silage quality.
  • Get updates on existing products, our sales support aids, and innovations in packaging.
  • Discover more about BlueN, Corteva's newest biostimulant that enables plants to fix more nitrogen from the atmosphere.

Seeing is believing.

  • Build your confidence in new solutions and earn CPD points for attending.

2023 Event Dates

Lampeter - 11th and 12th July

Nantwich - 13th and 14th July

Dumfries - 19th and 20th July