Arylex™ active


A herbicide for controlling a range of difficult broadleaf weeds including cleavers, cranesbill and fumitory in winter cereals (wheat, durum wheat, spelt, barley, rye and triticale) and spring cereals (wheat, durum wheat, barley and rye). Arylex is a synthetic auxin herbicide, coformulated with other Corteva herbicides to create a broad spectrum solution.


As part of a new structural class of synthetic auxin herbicides,  Arylex is effective in managing weeds that are resistant to other modes of action,  such as the ALS inhibitor herbicides.

About Arylex™ active

Crops Protected

Barley-Spring, Barley-Winter, Rye-Winter, Triticale
Wheat, Durum Wheat, Spring 

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Weeds Controlled

Cleavers, cranebill, fumitory, mayweed, dead nettles, fat hen, volunteer beans, ALS resistant chickweed, ALS resistant poppy 

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What is unique about Arylex active?

Arylex provides a broad range of benefits compared with other synthetic auxin herbicides:

Lower dose rates

Lower dose rates

Arylex is unique compared with other synthetic auxin herbicides due to superior efficacy at low dose rates. Rates as low as 6 grams of active ingredient per hectare can effectively control many common and invasive broadleaf weeds, including ALS resistant chickweed and poppy. 

Use Arylex Active in a range of challenging weather conditions

Use Arylex Active in a range of challenging weather conditions

Arylex is highly effective in cold, wet conditions encountered in late autumn or early spring. Unlike most growth regulator herbicides, the activity of Arylex on target weeds is not significantly influenced by temperature, so control can be achieved under cold (inactive periods of weed growth) and under warm conditions (with active growth).

Take advantage of a wide spray window

Take advantage of a wide spray window

Unlike phenoxy herbicides, Arylex can be applied to a diverse selection of winter and spring cereals between early leaf development through boot growth stages, offering a wide spray window and flexibility to farmers. 

Complete freedom to rotate crops

Complete freedom to rotate crops

No restrictions on following crop rotations with Arylex™ active. The formula rapidly degrades in soil and plant residues, making it convenient to sow a variety of common, autumn-sown rotational crops and catch crops in cereals. 

Pixxaro® EC post emergence herbicide is based on the innovative active ingredient Arylex™ active, plus the tried and tested active ingredient in Starane™ Hi-Load. Pixxaro EC is a spring applied wide spectrum broad-leaved weed herbicide, giving reliable control across a range of weather conditions. Pixxaro EC provides robust control on key driver weeds such as cleavers,  poppy, fumitory, fat hen, cranesbill, and chickweed with greater flexibility on timing.

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Zypar® is a combination of the new active ingredient Arylex™ active together with the well established active ingredient florasulam. 
Regardless of weather conditions, Zypar sets the industry bench mark for consistent, robust control of your most competitive weeds including cleavers, cranesbill, mayweed, groundsel, poppy, fumitory, fat hen, charlock, and chickweed – whatever the weather!

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How to improve your cereal productivity with Arylex™ active

Arylex active - Wheat Herbicide

How Is Arylex™ Active Contributing to Sustainability?

The environmental profile of Arylex stands out among other synthetic auxin herbicides due to the low dose rate and superior efficacy. Arylex breaks down quickly in soil, which means crop restrictions in the following season are minimal.

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