Apps to support your agronomy and farm

The Corteva Agriscience apps are packed with features and resources to help you maximise your agronomy

Forage app

The Corteva Forage app is designed to help you maximise your home-grown forage.​

The app is packed with advice and support to identify:​

  • The best solutions for weed control​

  • The right maize hybrids to deliver your needs​

  • How to improve silage quality with the right inoculant​

Key features include:​

  • Easy access to technical support and FAQs ​

  • Optimise your weed control with our grassland weed wizard tool 

  • Decision trees for grassland herbicides and silage inoculants ​

  • Product information including labels, tech sheets, weed lists and how to use 
Download the app now on your apple or android device using one of the buttons to the right.



Arable app

The Corteva Arable app provides farmers and advisors with information on Corteva's arable crop protection products, including tank mixes and labels. You will also find key information about our oilseed rape and maize hybrids.

The app incorporates Corteva's Kerb Weather Data decision support service, which presents application information by post code to indicate when conditions are optimum for Astrokerb® and Kerb® Flo applications.

Individual fields can be pin-pointed to see if conditions are suitable for herbicide applications, building additional accuracy on top of the post code search function. The slope of the field – a factor of significant importance when mitigating run off – can also be determined. An indication of soil type is also built in. 

The app also offers a brand new BlueN™ Application Optimiser tool which helps to identify ideal weather conditions to optimise bacteria colonisation. The tool can be used for autumn sown cereals and OSR as well as spring sown potatoes, sugar beet, cereals and maize.

Download the app now on your apple or android device using one of the buttons on the right.